Thursday, November 10, 2016

Ok, one more makeover

I really did think I was done with the jewelry makeovers, but once I get started it's kind of hard to stop. Honestly, there are a lot of things that need made over in my life, and jewelry should probably be near the bottom of the list. Well, when I see these pieces of jewelry that have been neglected in little corners of my work space, not good enough make it to the photo shoot, I just want to help them out a little in hopes that they might go to a good home. Also, it's just good fun. Here is a necklace I made. I don't really remember making it, and I may have intended for it to go to my daughter, but it never did. She probably would have been happy for it. But there is a good chance I just wanted to use a little stray stash of beads without putting much effort into a good combination. This necklace could just be described as rainbow, and rainbow would be perfectly fine, maybe even the preferred choice of a little girl, but that's not the kind of jewelry I've been making these days. Here is what the necklace looked like before: After disassembling the necklace, the next step was to pick a color scheme. I had already decided not to go with rainbow, or what might better be described as "everything" or no color scheme at all. I picked out some pale green, purples and light pinks as well as some gold accent beads. I liked this, but this probably amounted to half or less of what was included in the necklace, so in order to make something, I would need more beads. I went to my handy grab bag (or really grab bowl) of beads, in which I dump the extra beads that crowd my bead board when I don't want the monotonous task of joining the strays to their respective bead families. It's lazy, but it's easy, and since I've been making a lot of this kind of asymmetrical jewelry, the "grab bowl" now serves a purpose secondary to my own laziness. Here is what I came up with. Finally, it was time to assemble something. This time I decided to go for a memory wire bracelet. You could say that in some ways this kind of jewelry is more difficult to make. Making something asymmetrical means that you have to make hundreds of decisions per piece about which beads to use, where they go and how they complement one another. However, I find it to be a lot of fun. It's good nourishment for the creative part of you. Here is what I came up with. I usually like to show pieces like this from all different angles since there is no repeating pattern, and I don't want you to miss anything. This one will soon be available at my etsy shop, Poetic Notions Jewelry. Interested in specifically bracelets, I have a section for that. Click here for bracelets at Poetic Notions Jewelry. For chunkier bracelets with a little more variety in beads, check out my double strand bracelets. Thanks for checking out my shop. I look forward to crafting with you in the future! -Stacy