Saturday, October 29, 2016

Inselly is fun

I don't know if anyone reading this is a jewelry crafter/ seller like me. I've been on Etsy for a very long time. For the most part, I really like it. It's easy to use, and it has a lot of good, new features that have only made it easier to use the last few years. However, other things have changed over the years as well; the main thing that I've noticed is that creating the right tags, titles and descriptions to get noticed among thousands of listings has been more difficult than ever. Perhaps when searching something like a turquoise necklace, one of mine may not necessarily have been in the first few pages, but I knew that at the very least I would always be on the front page or near the front page when people were searching by the "newest" category. Now, I don't even have that assurance. If I don't list my item correctly, I might not ever be seen. I can't help but wonder how these changes affect the buyer as well. I've occasionally searched my items with very specific words that I've used so as to find a specific one, and sometimes those items don't appear at all on a relatively short list of results, two or three pages long. As a buyer, I would want to see all my options, not just the options Etsy deems most worthy. Ah, the days of a smaller, easier to navigate marketplace. Etsy used to be like that. The last time I tried selling jewelry, I got involved in some smaller marketplaces such as, dawanda,com and a couple others that I don't even recall the names of. What I do remember is that I enjoyed these marketplaces because I had the sense that my jewelry was at least being noticed. I can't yet share a full experience on inselly because I haven't seen or looked for many opportunities to connect with other sellers yet. Often that is what can make the experience the most fun of all. However, at this phase, I'm interested in two things, spending less time on my shop and actually selling something. The first one is a big bold check with inselly. This may not be as good for buyers because less time for me means less info for them, however I imagine buyers can reach out and ask for whatever additional information they like. I like that I only have to post one picture, a brief description with sizing information and price. Most of all, I like that I don't have to obsess over SEO (search engine optimization). It appears that I can tag each item as much as I want, and I don't obsess over the title because I'm not even allowed to post over a certain (brief) number of characters. Fine by me. Of course, even the time I am spending there, isn't wisely used if it doesn't eventually lead to sales. Time will tell on that one. Just wanted to share my experience. I believe inselly only allows 100 free listings, and I will probably post at least that much. Want to check out what I have so far? Come take a look at If you have a shop yourself, feel free to share it, as well as your experience on inselly, here in the comments. Thanks! -Stacy

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