Monday, October 17, 2016

Starting with introductions

Since this is my first post, I'd like to start by introducing myself. My name is Stacy, and I am owner to the relaunched and renamed shop on etsy, Poetic Notions jewelry, formerly Design by Sunzeri. After beginning jewelry crafting again after all these years, I've found that I love it as much as ever. However, getting views and learning SEO is a completely different endeavor as well. I've been told my many, many people that it's no longer as simple as posting pictures and descriptions of your work and letting the customers come to you. You need to direct traffic to your shop, and that means social media. To be honest, my first thought was that this is just more work, but then it occurred to me that social media includes blogging, and that sharing my process with others who enjoy crafting or just enjoy jewelry might actually be a lot of fun. Now, I'm excited about it! You can find my shop at Here are some photos of my most recent creations. Now, the reason I am adding these bracelets are because I had more fun than usual with these designs due to their complexity. The photos are all of the same bracelet, but when you look at it from different angles, it doesn't look like the same bracelet. I've been in the habit of creating practically only necklaces, and I've been making simple designs, usually something a little different at the neckline and then continuing up to the clasp (end) with something repetitive and predictable. This process usually provides a lovely result, but what I found is that I had more fun with the less predictable design used in the bracelets here. I did pay attention to the overall look to make sure it was cohesive as I went. For instance, if I had chosen to add light green as one of the repeating colors, I tried to use it uniformly. Same goes for other colors and types of beads that I used, but I didn't necessarily know what my next bead would be. I made those choices as I went along. Another thing I've found with this type of design is that I enjoy wearing it more. If it's a bracelet I'm wearing, I often twist it around on my wrist, examine the beads with my eyes, feel them. I appreciate the complexity. There sometimes dozens of types of beads in a design like this, not just a few repeating ones. If fact the first piece of handmade beaded jewelry I purchased, was a double strand bracelet in a design like this. I bought it from a friend, the same friend that introduced me to beading. She took me to a fabric store to pick out a craft container, beads, wire,clasps, and we got together at her house where she taught me how to make my first necklace. That was the beginning of it all for me. I was hooked. I wore that first bracelet a lot, until I lost it one day in San Francisco. I hope it made someone else very happy. It meant a lot to me. Anyway, I had just had this wonderful evening creating designs such as these, lovely double strand bracelets, when I came across a shoebox of older bracelets I had made, very simple and not super exciting designs. The toggles on them are kind of expensive and running in low supply. I used to avoid restringing something whenever I could because of the extra time needed to dedicate to the task, however I now think that if I'm not satisfied with a design, it's kind of a lost opportunity not to restring. Here are some photos of the bracelets I came across. To my mind, they are begging to be restrung. When I first started out on etsy, one of the fun challenges presenting on one of the teams I was an active member of, was to restring a piece of jewelry into something better. I was so fun, and I never forgot it. That's exactly what I will be doing here. I'll keep you posted on my progress. Thanks for letting me share.

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