Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Makeover Review

Remember in my last post I talked about me and some other online jewelry makers doing a makeover challenge with one of our pieces? Now that I think of it, that was during a time when makeovers were all the rage. There had to be at least a half a dozen makeover shows on television. Makeover your body, makeover your wardrobe, makeover your home, makeover your family, and so on and so forth. Does that you job your memory? Well, while I admit that we can sometimes get carried away with such things, there is something very alluring about a good makeover. I've found the most recent challenge I presented myself to be very satisfying. Now, for the results. Here are the before:
And here are the afters:
I know these are difficult to see, so I will try to show some greater detail of the finished product results below. Here are some more of the before pictures:
And here they are after I made some changes:
Basically, I kept the general color scheme, but added many, many more beads, more variety in type, size and style. This was a perfect opportunity to use from my grab bag of beads (see second photo.) Sometimes when my bead board gets messy, and I don't necessarily feel like putting each stray bead back in its place, it goes into the grab bag. It's not the most organized method, but sometimes if I don't clean it all up in some manner, it won't get clean at all. At least pieces like this provide an opportunity to use those beads, giving me a reason to shirk my responsibility of properly cleaning up. Heh heh.
Adding beads, of course, was necessary because I changes each one into a double strand bracelet. I did enjoy making these, but I admit they were more work than I thought. Each bracelet takes roughly the length of time it takes for me to make a necklace, and I think probably more. It was tricky to get each strand to line up well, and trickier still to not allow much wire to show. I am happy with how they turned out. The bottom line for me is that I'd rather wear these than the bracelets they were originally. Let me know what you think of this style. I may make some of these available on my website, but if I do not and you are interested, just drop me a line. I imagine I could let these go for $15 a piece. Thanks for joining me in this process.

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